Monday, February 27, 2006

For the love of our pets

Sometimes you have to just sit and wonder why people get pets. We have two cats who on their good days are the best companions and cuddle buddies in the world, but on their bad days are absolutely horrible. Bailey, my little tabby is a like Jekle and Hyde. She will be all cuddled up with you on the bed or the couch or will push things out of her way so she can lay on you, acting and looking like the most innocent, sweet animal alive, but then she will smell something she doesn't like and it is all over, hissing and howling and screaming. This such thing happened to us the other night. We went to my in-laws house to see our neice and almost everytime we go down there Bailey smells something she doesn't like and freaks out, whether it is dog or the febreeze I sprayed when we walked in she freaked, scary freaking out with hissing and yelling. We have become somewhat immune to it, however, and after the initial shock wore off we walked past her and locked ourselves in the bedroom, or so we thought. We were in the bathroom when all of a sudden the door opens and there is Bailey, completely fine, but she has somehow managed to open the door, either she is totally possesed or the latch didn't catch, either way I think Tom and I were both a littler nervous at that point. But she was all lovey again and everything seemed fine. So not only do the little major freakouts make me wonder why people love animals, but the other little things, like yesterday when Tom starts cussing and saying gross and I asked him what was wrong and he said I stepped in cat poop, which only made me laugh, but sure enough right there in the middle of the living room was a cat dingle berry, so whether it is freak outs, dingle berries or hairballs, we still love our cats and I can't imagine life without them, but it does make you think, would you tolerate a human who poo'd on your floor or screamed at you if you smelled bad? It is an odd thing the relationship between a human and their furry friend!