Monday, October 23, 2006

Hormones, Hospitals and Poopy Diapers

Well the girls have arrived and it has been a world wind on emotion, pain and exhaustion. They are not home yet, but we are enjoying the education at the hospital from the nurses. I have discovered that the key to a pleasant hospital stay is the hospital itself. The staff and hospital...Clarian North have been wonderful. My nurses at the delivery were great and really made me feel more relaxed and comfortable. Then the postpartum nurses were fabulous as well. On top of all that we have discovered that this hospital really works with families to ensure they have everything they need. They have family rooms that families can stay in for free if for instance their kids are in the NICU or pediatrics like ours, this is what we did Friday to be near the girls. Then they also provide meals free of charge for all breastfeeding mothers if their kids are in the hospital so I can eat for free while I am here staying here with the girls. It really has been a pleasurable experience as far as hospital stays go.
Oh did I mention, however, the way your hormones get messed up once you have the baby? Yeah, i cannot even look at pictures of our girls without crying. Tom put together this really cute little slide show of the girls and I watched 2 seconds of it and started crying...I didn't know why but we both started laughing about is crazy.
And then there are the poopy diapers. Natalie has fallen out of 2 diapers today and the last one was full of poop...yes it was everywhere, in the clothes, the bed all was pretty gross, but even with all this craziness I love my babies and they are fabulous!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Heating Pads and Dads

I have discovered this week that small comforts really are a blessing in getting through bed rest and the end of pregnancy! This week my dad came to stay with us and help around the house and cook for me, which has been fabulous since Tom has had to work late a lot and I haven't eaten this well in ages. When you can only stand for like 5 minutes at a time your meal options are limited so it has been great to have hot home made meals and desserts all week and having company all day just someone to talk to has made this last week of bed rest fly by. I cannot believe that it is Thursday already and I only have one more day of confinement. My other small luxury I have discovered are the ThermaCare heating pads. My mother in law bought me some when my wrist was acting up with carpal tunnel a long time ago, but I have discovered this week they are great to put on your back and sleep with them. My hips and back have been hurting so bad it is a really nice sleeping companion which I highly recommend! So I guess the morale of this post is...if someone offers you help TAKE IT and don't take your parents for granted :-)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Story of the Puking Cat

So lately and I cannot put my finger on why my cat has taken up the habit of puking in the weirdest and grossest places. About a week ago I was awoken in the middle of the night around 3:30 to the sound of her gagging and then a yak...yes she was in the bed with me. I turn on the light and on my blanket is ribbon and cat food...GROSS!!!!!! Then a couple days later she is running around chasing our other cat and she jumps on the top of the couch....YAK...on the top of the COUCH. Then just this morning she is sitting on the dresser and starts gagging and YAK again...which would have been totally easy to clean up but oh yes one of my drawers was open and in runs the puke...I was so grossed out...I don't' know if she is training for what is about to come with the babies or what...but this random puking has got to stop because it is nasty. Oh well my lover for her surpasses all the nastiness, but it certainly is a gross habit to say the least!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stretched to the Max

Well we are getting down to the wire before these girlies enter the world and I tell you it is a good thing, because my body is stretched to the max. I have developed UGLY stretch marks and not just on my stomach...did you know you can get them on your hips as well...oh yeah you can and never mind the fact that my skin is so stretched that it itches all of the time and I have little rashes on my legs and my arms too. And don't forget the belly is stretched but hasn't poked out yet. I am hoping it will hold out just a little longer...we have about less than 2 weeks and I just hope it doesn't pop, stretch all you want I say but don't pop, please don't pop.
As I sit here confined to my bed I truly wonder how anyone could think that being pregnant is a fun or actually enjoy because I have not had many positives from the morning sickness, to the blemishes all over my face and chest to the recent stretching, but I know in the end it will be worth it and for that I cannot wait!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Decreased movement say what?

So from everything I have read about babies all the books say that after 32 weeks there is a decrease in fetal movement...well the movements aren't as strong because the baby runs out of room. Well let me tell you...I don't know if the writers of these books have ever been pregnant or not, but I feel like my babies are beating me up. One of them makes such big movements I get the wind knocked out of me sometimes and it can be quit painful...even their little hiccups seem to be stronger, it is amazing really. I really feel like all the books out there don't know what they are talking about. Some are okay, but I have yet to find a book that truly tells you about the truth to carrying multiples and what you should really expect. I mean none of the books tell you what happens when you actually DO go into preterm labor and have to go to the hospital and be put on magnesium...possibly the worst drug in the world or how humbling pregnancy is because when you are in the hospital you have to rely on people to help you do the simplest things like go to the bathroom...not fun let me tell you. I wish I had the ambition to write a book titled the truth to carrying multiples because there is a lot I have learned that I wish I did not have to experience first hand, but could have read about instead...but there was nothing out there that could prepare me for what I have experienced the past couple of weeks from the hospital visits and drugs to the boredom of bed rest...who knows maybe when this is all said and done I will write a book....I guess you never know!