Saturday, April 28, 2007


Today I went shopping with my mom and aunt and I was having absolutely no luck finding any jeans that would fit me...much to my disappointment that is for sure. Then on our way out I saw two pairs that looked nice so I said okay I will try them on. Well, they fit and I realized, I am no longer a "teen" and my body at the moment is not that of a "misses" and yes I should be shopping in the women's section where clothes are made for women with curves and who have wider hips because of babies! I think I was in denial or something, but I am glad I found some jeans that are somewhat flattering and look nice, not like I tried to squeeze into someone else's pants. On another good note, I discovered that the look this summer in women's shirts is great for hiding post-baby belly bulge, because the shirts are like empire waist shirts and they are super cute!

Friday, April 27, 2007


Recently I have been thinking how weird and cool it is how connected you can become to people you don't really know very well, have only met a few times or have never met. I am saying this because of the connection that blogs have given people. I feel like I have joined a small community or something and I am able to keep up with my "friend's" lives through their blogs. While some of you/them I have only met a few times I feel like we have a connection and I really like it. I enjoy sharing my stories/complaints and hearing what everyone else is doing in their lives, how their jobs are and how their children are progressing. It really is cool and fun and I am glad we can all share these moments together!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Health Care Scams

Last week I had to take the girls to get their 6 month shots...which I hate! When we got there the doctor informed me that our insurance would only cover $12 of one of the shots, the rototech (sp?) and that we would need to go to the health department to get it, because it cost the doctor to much to only get that little from the insurance companies. I was not to pleased about this, luckily it is an oral shot and no needles were involved. So I head to the health department where the shots for both girls was $1.00. This lead me to think, what the heck, why is it so expensive to get it at the Dr.'s and so not expensive at the health department, the whole notion just did not make any sense to me. I know health care is a rip off, I mean when the girls delivery probably cost around $100,000 or so and we did not pay that much and the insurance did not pay that much, why is there such a disparity in the costs charged to people. It is simply ridiculous and something that I wish I could understand, but I simply cannot!

Monday, April 23, 2007


On Friday we got the offical go ahead, the girls are now allowed out of the house! We are so excited. So, we took our first family lunch trip to Three Sisters Cafe in Broadripple for lunch on Saturday and then to Meijer on Sunday. It was the first time in 8 or 9 months that Tom and I got to go to the store together. It is going to take some adjusting to going out with everyone, but it is fun at the same time. The girls handled their first experiences well. Maddie doesn't like loud noise and the restaurant was a little loud, but she did well and Natalie actually slept the entire time we were in Meijer. But at least now we can actually go out and have fun as a family, fun times are ahead!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Our apartment is infested with ants. It really is gross and annoying. I don't so much mind them if they stay to one place, but I feel like once we kill them in one area they appear in another. It all started in the kitchen, then they were by the couch... very odd if you ask me. Then randomly in the middle of the floor by the washer and dryer area, just in the middle of the hall. Then by the front door and again today in the kitchen. We have set up those ant traps everywhere and we have been spraying, but it is not helping. Yesterday I opened my book in class and low and behold there was an had traveled all the way to the University of Indianapolis with me! Today I bleached the kitchen floor in hopes that that would help get rid of them there and I plan to spray again, if that does not help I am calling in a maintenance request and asking the apartment people to take care of the problem because in all honesty it isn't our problem, but that is what happens when you go from being a homeowner to a renter. You are used to taking care of your own problems and not relying on someone else who in all honesty will probably take their sweet time doing it. So if you want something done right, do it yourself!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

6 Months, How Time Flies

Yesterday Natalie and Maddie turned 6 months old. I cannot believe how time has flown by. They are now rolling over in both directions like it is no big thing...Natalie uses this as her mode of transportation and she can't be left alone at all because she is half way across the room when you return. They both seem like they could crawl at any moment, we believe Natalie will crawl first, but Maddie will talk first. They are eating food now...they like their sweet peas and especially like sweet potatoes, but do not like is pretty funny to watch, the faces are classic. They are growing into their own personalities and starting to sleep through the night more...a very nice bonus for me. Other than that I still cannot believe that my little babies are so big, I just love holding them and listening to them laugh, especially when they get each other to laugh, it is very special and fun. I know they are going to change even more in the next 6 months, I mean that is what growing up is all about right, but for now I am happy just watching them as they develop and as they get to know each other!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Done Deal

It is completely official and a done deal... we have sold our house!!!!!!!!! We are so happy and excited and now even more ready for our house to be complete! Living in an apartment sure isn't all it is cracked up to be, if it is even cracked up. So far since we have moved in, on Saturday, so 4 days ago. I have had to clean the drain in the was so clogged the drano wouldn't even go down. And get this...soooooo gross there were clothing tags and caulk shoved down it...that is right CLOTHING Tags...who does that. So I dug those out. Then this morning the toilet wouldn't flush and we have the fridge is making weird noises...ahhhhhh the joys of renting...4 months 4 months...I hope we survive. We are thinking about making a poster to put up to remind ourselves of just how short a time we will be here and we might actually have to in order to make it...wish us luck :-)

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Move

The first move in our journey to the new house took place this weekend. Things went went pretty smoothly even though it was chilly and we weren't totally packed.
One of my good friends an Tom's good buddy and his brother and Tom's parents helped us, we couldn't have done it without them...THANKS Guys!It took a couple hours and a few trips back for Tom and I but it is done now and the house is clean and ready for closing tomorrow. We are so happy to have this chapter over and are ready for the new house, even though we have to wait 4 more months. Apartment life is sure different than living in your own house. Everything seems backwards to the faucets and the door on the fridge, to me they all open in the wrong direction. Then there is getting used to the noises of neighbors, like th people upstairs who sound like they are stomping all over the floor, when in reality they are probably just walking normally. Then there is not having a garage, ugh it is horrible, especially with the girls and having to carry them to the car. We keep saying it is just 4 months, just 4 months and know in the end we will appreciate the new house that much more. So for now we are just trying to settle in, unpack what we need and continueing to get rid of the stuff we don't need but have moved again. Oh and of course there is that always that one thing that you pack that is battery operated and starts to die or in our case the carbon monoxide detector that I packed and that was buried in the back of our storage closet under the stairs that kept beeping. I was in the nursery and I kept hearing it and I asked Tom and he said he would look for whatever it was. Well, wouldn't you know it, it was the carbon detector that was buried in the last box, on the bottom in the very back of the closet...wouldn't you know it, it "needed fresh air" well it is sure getting the air it needs now, sitting outside on the porch because it wouldn't stop beeping. So that is move more to go, ahhh. I am sure there will be more stories though from the land of apartmenthood, so look for them over the next couple of months!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Stress Is Derailing My Weight Loss

I cannot wait for this move and school to be over, because all of the stress in my life right now is wrecking havoc on my goals to loss weight. It is unbelievable how much of a comfort/stress eater I am! Sad that I have no control, but when I get stressed bring on the chocolate, ice cream and M&M's for sure. I wish I had more will power but I don't, so I look forward to having things settle down a little so I can concentrate or actively try not to eat as poorly as I currently am. I also look forward to taking the girls on walks in our new neighborhood and checking on the status of the new house...yippee!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Our First Moving Accident

Yesterday was a whirlwind of packing and trying to get organized. We have quickly realized that we have entirely to much stuff. We have been separating everything into two categories, the new house and apartment. Yesterday I packed about 10 boxes, none of which said apartment...there for this makes me think, do we really need all this stuff if we can live without it for four months? We are seriously considering having a huge sale once we have moved and are settled because we obviously do not need all this stuff if we can live without it. But on another note, we had our first tragedy yesterday I was taking shelves down in the bathroom, when my biggest bottle of perfume, my cool water fell onto the floor and smashed into a thousand pieces and went everywhere...gone, gone, gone and the smell was AWFUL. I mean that stuff smells great in small doses, but when it is everywhere it was a bit strong. Luckily it has started to disintegrate and isn't as strong today!
We also, signed our lease for our apartment and we are ready to start moving in. We are going to clean the carpets tomorrow so the girls have somewhere clean to crawl, because it is going to happen any day now and then we will start moving stuff, with the big moving day Saturday. We will be happy when things settle down and we can live a little more normally for th next couple of months. So that is the update from the hood for now.