Wednesday, August 25, 2010

18.5 Weeks

We have made it almost to the half way point already. It is crazy to think how time is flying, at least right now. I am not sure if time drug with the girls because there were two and I was huge by this point or if time is flying this time because we are so incredibly busy with the girls there is no time to even think about what is coming down the pipe. My mom emailed me yesterday asking if today was the big day. I thought she was talking about the girl's first day of pre-school which is Friday, but she meant ultrasound day. Yep, I even forgot it was ultrasound day, the day we got to find out what we were having, yes we know and no I am not going to post it here for various reasons, but either way we are happy and excited and it is healthy! It is measuring about 5 days to a week ahead of schedule, but that is still okay and all looks healthy. So far my official weight gain stands at about 8.5 pounds, I wish it were a little less, but really I should be happy with that. If I was listening to my doctor I would be upwards around 18-19 pounds, she said a pound a week roughly for the pregnancy. 40 pounds seems like a lot to me for a singleton, so I am trying to keep it down as low as I can. With the girls I was way over 21 pounds and looking a lot larger than I do now. I feel really big, but when I look at the few belly pictures we have from the girl's pregnancy this is nothing. Other than that things are going well and progressing nicely. My placenta is presenting a little low, but my doctor didn't seem concerned. I on the other hand of course want all the information on what this means. She said most likely it will move up as the uterus grows, but that if it doesn't it may be declared placenta previa. For other cases this would mean the person had to have a c-section, which I already have to have regardless, because of the classical incision used to get Natalie out, that in itself is an entire separate blog post. At this point I am like that is okay, since I already have to have a c-section. The doctor then says I may have to be on modified pelvic rest, no lifting, no heavy house cleaning etc. So I could still drive the girls to school and wouldn't be laid up in bed, okay that I can handle. Finally, the doctor says and there is a 40% chance that you might have to have a hysterectomy. Now usually I feel like knowledge is power, but from now until my next ultrasound in 10-12 weeks I get to wonder if this will all happen and how the c-section will go. I am not much of a gambler I could handle the odds of 3-7% chance of us having twins again because they were so low, but a 40% chance of a hysterectomy scares me a little. I mean we are 100% done having kids, but there is just something a little daunting to me knowing my c-section may not be a plain ole c-section. In all honesty I am going to try to not worry about it, because like the doctor said the placenta might move on up and all would be okay and either way, there is nothing that can be done if it doesn't move and I will just have to have faith that all will go well and at least little peanut #3 is healthy and growing and a very active little one at that. I am already feeling kicks and it was very active during the ultrasound. So for now that is the update from our world more to come in the next weeks!