Monday, May 08, 2006

Announcement Time

Well, the day has finally arrived and Tom and I are able to share our news that you may or may not know. Yes...drumroll please...Tom and I are expecting our first child :-) We are very excited for the new arrival which is due mid-November. Yes, just a mere two weeks before I graduate from the University of Indianapolis with an MBA, but we will work it all out some how. Now it is time to prepare, enjoy just the two of us and figure out how our lives will change once the little one arrives. Yes, we are waiting to find out the sex. We figure there are so few surprises in life we might as well enjoy this one! So that is the big announcement for the year I guess!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

No Deodorant Days...Do I Smell Okay?

Just a few minutes ago I realized that I left this morning without putting deodorant on. Now some might not think this is a big deal, but for me this is one of those daily tasks that gives me anxiety if I forget it. Usually I will keep an extra stick in my car or in my desk or somewhere accessible should the need arise to use it or if I am in a hurry in the morning and forget. Well, it turns out today is one of those days that I need it, but don't have it. This morning was a rough start for me, I couldn't get out of bed and then I was as usual running late, but even on those days when I am running late I usually, 99% of the time remember that I need to put on that deodorant. Today I am not so fortunate and to make matters worse I don't even have any extra sitting around. Yes, I have travelled to the store in the middle of a work day in order to purchase more, but today I don't think I will even have time to run out, so you know what I am going to do? I am going to sit here all day having anxiety over wether or not I smell okay. Now I typically do not have rancid BO, but this is not something I take lightly and there will be fear in my heart for the rest of the day that I do not smell fresh and I will wonder if other's can smell me, if I smell at all. Oh, why oh why didn't I throw an extra stick in my bag the other day while I was thinking about it. Oh well, here's to the No Deodorant Days!