Friday, March 30, 2007


Well, in under a month and a half we have managed to sell our house! We close April 10, but the sold sign is in our yard...we are so excited. It has been a crazy and hectic month or so, but worth it. The down side is we are headed to an apartment for the next four months. We decided that we just weren't seeing what we wanted in the houses we were looking at, so we have decided to build a house in Avon. We are sooooo excited and the house will be great and perfect for us once it is July :-) That is the only bummer, but it will be wonderful. We are going to have about three times as much house when it is all said and done. The new house will have a basement that over time we are gong to finish and put a guest suite and office in, but we are very excited.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring has Sprung!

Well it is officially spring and the weather has certainly changed to match the season. I love it. I was able to take the girls out for a walk yesterday and hopefully today we will get out again, if the weather cooperates. It is so nice to get some air and exercise and not have to be inside all day. The girls are still on "house arrest" until May. Who knew that flu and RSV season lasted so long...I had no idea, but I am counting down the days until they are able to leave more often. But until that time we can enjoy our neighborhood, at least until the house sells. We thought we were done with it the other day when we had an offer, but while we were countering the couple looked at another house on our street and made an offer on that one...UGH! And believe it our not last night when I was coming home from school, the lady that lives there was already moving stuff that should have been us...but oh well, we have 4 months to sell this place. We have opted to build a house in Avon and we close on it at the end of July. We signed the papers when we thought we had an accepted offer on our current house, but I guess that is how the real estate game is played. So now we are back to showings...well waiting for people to want to see has been a slow week and we sure hope it picks up, cause we GOTTA sell :-) Anyway, enjoy the weather everyone and WELCOME Spring!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Week of Firsts

Last week I took the girls to my parents house for the week. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the time with my family and the daily companionship! The girls also had a lot of firsts. Their first long distance car ride, which they handled really well, only one stop on the way there to eat, and no stops on the way back. That is right, they slept the WHOLE way back, over 5 hours, it was great. They got to meet their great grandmother for the first time and they got to eat rice cereal for the first time. Natalie took to it right away and I couldn't get it into her mouth fast enough, but Maddie didn't like it as much. They are both, however, now doing much better and are really getting the hang of it! So that is that many firsts for one week, but it was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Do you ever think

Today I was sitting in my cousins room looking at all his pictures and I thought to myself, "Geez, I don't even really know Ryan anymore." This thought made me pretty sad, he is in college now and has grown up and is no longer like my little brother, like he was when we were growing up. Then I kept thinking about how much has changed over the past couple of years. My cousins are older, in college, almost driving etc. My sister is a junior in high school on her way to her senior year and then onto college...I still remember when she was born, but that was 16 years ago. I am a mom now and all the kids I used to babysit are growing up and going to college and somewhere along the way we all went on different paths. I know this happens to a lot of people. I even have friends who I no longer have much in common with, yet they have always been my friends so you don't want to let that go. When do we come to that pass where things change and why do things change so much. You think you will have a certain kind of relationship with a person and that, that will be the relationship forever, but that isn't the case. As we age and time passes our friendships change and all we have left are the memories and the new relationships that form. But it is always important to remember those friendships, or relationships that we have had in the past and move forward and continue to live life with love.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

When your car is smarter than you

Technology today really is an amazing thing. I mean take the DVR that can record your shows for you and allows you to pause, and rewind live tv and other such wonderful things like the internet. Well, now even my car seems smarter than I am. The other day we loaded into the van to go look at houses and there was a weird light on, on the dashboard, I of course started freaking out and Tom said not to worry and looked in the manual. Well, it turns out I had a very low, not flat, but extremely low tire. It only had 25 in it when it need 35. I couldn't believe that my car could tell me to air it up, but it did. It also can tell me what percentage of oil I have left, which is very nice because I am very bad at getting my oil changed on time! So there you have it, one day we might not have to drive, we will just get in our cars tell it where we want to go and sit back and relax, now wouldn't that be nice!

Monday, March 05, 2007

More lessons in Real Estate

So this weekend we learned another lesson in selling your house. I have heard never get emotional, but we did. We were out with our realtor looking at houses when she said they people looking at your house want to know if you can be out by the end of the month. We thought she was joking, but she said she was serious, so we said well tell them to give us an offer and we will see. So we waited and later she called us and told us that they would be writing us an offer the following day, Sunday. So all day yesterday we sat and we waited and ran different scenerios around about where we would go and what we would do if they gave us a good offer. Only the offer never came so we worried about it all day for nothing. It is weird this selling your house thing, one minute you are on a high running different situations around and the next you are back to basics waiting and showing is a bum deal and a stressful one at that. On another note, Tom and I are thinking about building a new house in a subdivision in Avon. All the houses we have looked at are so old and would need so much updating that we are heavily weighing the options of just building new and starting more to come on that!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Lessons in Buying and Selling Houses

This week has been a week of real estate lessons. I have learned that it is VERY stressful trying to sell your home, especially when you add on top of that twins and a cat who doesn't like strangers and has to be packed up and taken with you when there are showings. I have learned NEVER to leave the house with it in any other form than tip top shape, because you never know when someone will want to see your house...I found this out the hard way. I took the girls out for a few hours to look at houses with our realtor and while I was driving home I got a call that someone wanted to see our house at was 2:00. So I had 1.5 hours to get home, feed, change the girls and clean the house, I had their toys laying everywhere. Oh, and I had to catch the cat to take her with me...I thought I was going to die, but some how I managed, got the house clean and out the door we went again. The girls were super crabby that night from lack of a proper nap, but we did it. Oh, and yes I found out today that it was an investor who looked at our place and if they made an offer it would be under 100k...why are you even wasting my time I wanted to scream when I found out, but oh well, I digress. The other lessons I learned are, pictures are VERY VERY VERY deceiving and a house that looks great on the websites, can look absolutely horrible in person. I also learned, that our house really isn't that bad and we might have to end up staying here, because the houses that are nicer may just be out of our price range, but we shall see. So to all those out there considering buying and/or selling have patience and remember it is just a house others will come and at some point yours will go!