Tuesday, August 15, 2006


So last night Tom and I were rear ended in his car this time...yes that is correct the second time in 6 weeks that I have been in a car that was rear ended. Luckily Tom saw the woman flying at us...yes we were stopped at a red light, the roads were dry and the speed limit was probably 35 miles per hour, but he just said hold on and started moving the car...luckily he was able to manuever enough so that the impact was deflected and there was minimal damage to the vehicle. I on the other hand now have developed this fear of driving, because all I want right now is to carry my two little girls as long as possible so that they are healthy and here we are in two accidents in under two months. When Tom and I got home last night we were just sitting there asking each other what we have done to deserve this and why we can't catch a break. Mind you, my car was only a little over a year old and Tom's is less than two months old...are we destined to not have nice vehicles...okay that is fine...but please give us a break over the next couple of months so these little girls can arrive safely. Tom and I are both firm believers of Karma and we both try to be good, honest people, but somewhere we must have messed up...hopefully we have paid for whatever we did...if not I know that both of us are going to be extra cautious, and polite!

Empathy Belly

On Saturday Tom and I went to one of our final child birth classes, it was educational, informative and beyond disgusting. I no longer feel that child birth is a natural progression of life even though women have been doing it FOREVER. The best part of the day was when the instructor made all of the husbands put on the empathy belly. It is a simulation style vest that has boobs and a pregnant belly that weighs 30 pounds. She made each husband wear it for at least 30 minutes and it was great to see how uncomfortable they were. On some of the fellas she even untied their shoes and told them to re-tie them...they couldn't. It was nice for the guys to have an insight into how hard it is to carry these babies, even though they got to take it off after a short while. For Tom I think he had kind of the rought part because we were down on the ground doing relaxation exercises and he was supposed to be massaging my back and stuff...he was clumsy and awkward, but I think he now has a better idea of what I go through on a daily basis...I would have liked to have him try to sleep in it, but at least he has an idea! For all you pregnant women out there...if you get the chance to have your husband wear and empathy belly do it...it will help you in the long run!