Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Today I was faced with possibly the grossest event of parenthood I have experienced to date. Little Natalie got sick. Now this was not a little puke, it was full blown vomit, all over herself in her carseat, all over both of us in ballet and again all over both of us after I had just cleaned us up at ballet. The smell was horrific and I can usually tolerate such things, but this was almost to gross. So now the girls are safely home and they have had toast for lunch, a nice warm bath and I am in the process of cleaning the clothes and carseats that were victims of the morning's events...ahhh well. I am hoping she is better tomorrow for Thanksgiving, but what can you do? Just love your children really! So Happy Thanksgiving to all and sorry to be so gross :-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We're Still Here

Yes, we are still here, just way to busy. The girls have been sick for what seems like forever, I think in reality it has been two weeks. Maddie has another ear infection, we will probably be headed to see an ENT at some point this winter. She also has bronchitis, which has been making it a little difficult for her to breath at night, so the sleeping has been touch and go. Natalie has what appears to be a general col, at least that is what the doctor said, but she has also had it for two weeks.
Other than that we have taken a week off from all of our activities in order to keep the germ exposure to a minimum which has also lead to a little cabin fever on the girl's part, but we are surviving as usual...I mean we know what it is like to be on "house" arrest medically speaking, so we will be doing lots of coloring and other least the girls love doing that.
I have been busy trying to get back into shape, no easy task and the holidays are not helping and getting things ready for the upcoming holiday season.
Tomorrow Tom turns 29, not sure how he feels about that :-) But he can take comfort in the fact that I am only a few months behind.
So that is what is going on here, nothing really new to report or exciting, but yes we are still here.