Monday, June 28, 2010


I have decided lately that I am a very boring person. I feel like I used to have so much to blog about, but lately, or really not so lately I just don't have much of importance to share with others. When I do want to blog I find that it would just be me complaining so I resist, why put others through a whine feast unless it is a really good one?! Don't get me wrong I don't just sit on the couch staring at the wall day in and day out, we are very active, but I don't think the few readers I do have need an update daily on the activity we went to that day, unless it is a new and good one. I have a feeling the blog may pick up in the fall when the girls start school, but who knows. They are such silly little things that they say the craziest things, which I often think I should share, but as quickly as I have the thought of sharing it is gone. At the moment they are playing "animals" their favorite thing to do and the cat is making pig noises, while a giraffe is asking for hay to eat. Their imaginations are amazing and I am so lucky that they can go off and pretend play together and it sure is fun to sit and listen to what their little minds come up with. Mud baths and going to the airport, traveling all over and going to the zoo are just a few of the destinations the "animals" have been too.
So anyway, again, not much is going on here, but if I think of something good to write about more will follow, I promise.