Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three Weeks


We have made it to the three week mark. Actually, time has gone by really fast and I am sure it will only continue to do so. I have found that my desire to blog lately just doesn't exist, perhaps I have better things to do. I mean I do have three kids now and all :-) Speaking of which, the transition from 2-3 has been pretty easy, the lack of sleep has been difficult, but the actual balancing of the three kids hasn't been that hard. I am pretty sure that this transition has been easy, because the girls are at the same stage/same age. If they were not the same age, forget about it. I honestly do not know how or why people would have more than two kids if they did not have a set of twins in there somewhere. I think it would be a lot more difficult to balance and adjust if the girls were different ages, so I consider myself lucky. I also do not know why anyone would ever want to be pregnant more than twice! Thankfully, this is something I don't have to think about or worry about anymore since we are done. As for Tanner, he is an angel baby. I was always told I was so lucky with the girls, that they hardly cried, I could put them down and do other things and again, I have been blessed to have another little one who is just like that. He only gets really angry if he is hungry and that is when he turns into "angry Kitty." He gets so upset and yells so loud he sounds just like my crazy cat when she is freaking out, so we all call him angry kitty when he acts like that. Some of his other nicknames, are bean and monkey toes, both given to him by Maddie. I think bean is my favorite just because it is cute. He continues to grow and at the end of his first month I think he will be bigger and weigh more than the girls did at 2-3 months. Yesterday he weighed 9 pounds 5 ounces, he is an eating machine, but that is what he is supposed to do, so that is a good thing. After a few rough nights of him sleeping on me I solicited advice from my facebook friends and the resulting advice was to start swaddling him at night. This has worked like a charm and he is now sleeping 3-5 hour intervals give or take in his swing, one step at a time, but at least it isn't on my chest where I have restless sleep thinking I am going to drop him!

Maddie, Tanner and Natalie
The girls continue to go to school, which has been a good thing since this winter is lasting forever and has been so cold. They get to get out of the house and have a break from our every day lack of activity. I am looking forward to nicer weather when they can play on the swing set and we can go on walks and they can ride their bikes. I also look forward to summer swimming and picnics at the park....summer please hurry! So for now that is what is going on here. Look for a one month update in a little over a week after we have visited the doctor, official stats will be provided then :-)