Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Declaring this the longest winter EVER

I have officially decided that this winter came be declared the longest winter EVER and I mean EVER. Between being pregnant and not being able to go outside at the end, for fear of falling and because I wasn't able to stand for long periods of time. To the cold, cold, brutal cold weather that is now keeping us indoors. To all of the sickness we have been suffering I am beyond over this winter. The girls have been sick for a better part of 2 weeks and now Tanner has RSV. We discovered this after a trip to the ER last night. He was a real trooper and let them do all their tests and what not without a fuss. They diagnosed him and then released us home. Today we went to his pediatrician, where they said, he was doing okay, but sounded a little wheezy. So now he is on breathing treatments every four hours, which he tolerated well in the doctors office, he fussed for a few minutes and then he actually fell asleep. Needless to say I am exhausted and ready for some fresh air, the bad germs to be kicked out and for everyone to be healthy and able to go outside! In other news Tanner is gaining weight at an amazing rate, he weighed 13.5 at the doctor today, he did have a diaper on that was probably a little wet, as well as his clothes, so he is probably closer to 13 pounds, but still that is at least a 5 pound weight gain in 7 weeks, he is a great eater and hopefully an eater that gets to feeling better soon!