Saturday, December 17, 2005

Be Grateful for What You Have

Today Tom and I had a reality check, the worst kind of reality check one can have. We went to Terre Haute to do what we thought would be a simple room re-do for a make-a-wish child, yes we went even though there was no heat. Only it was worse than there not being any heat. The walls were cracking apart and as we started to paint, the wall started rolling off onto our rollers, it was a very sad situation. To make matters worse , we did not have enough paint to finish so we had to leave the job half way complete and someone will have to finish it again in a couple of weeks. Tom and I on the other hand realized that our little house we call as piece of you know what in reality is not that bad and we were quite thankful to come home today to a warm shower and our nice little cats. So the lesson learned is be grateful for what you have because it could be a lot worse.