Thursday, December 15, 2005

Make-A-Wish or Make-A-Scam?

Make a Wish or Make a Scam?
Well, this is my first entry into a blog, don't know if I will keep it up and I am sure I won't write as creatively as my husband, but I have decided that it is time to let some of my frustrations out in a productive manner. This Saturday Tom and I are supposed to volunteer for the Make a Wish foundation doing a room re-do for a child who basically is a vegetable. Well, we called to confirm with the family last night and come to find out the house we are painting does not even have heat. Yes, that is right it is the middle of winter, we are approaching the longest day of the year and this house does not have heat. I just am appalled to even think that someone would think it is okay to have strangers come over and paint their house in temperatures below freezing. But, oh it gets better, they are not even living in the house and they want it painted in Greenbay Packer colors. If you are a child who cannot talk, speak or hardly see do you think you know who the Greenbay Packers are? I don't think so. I wish that Make-A-Wish would better investigate their wishes prior to wasting the time of their volunteers. Because of this one wish I do not know if I will do any other wishes after this, I know sad, but oh well.