Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lack of Sleep Leads To Mistaken Identity

Well, it has happened for the first and I am sure not last time! This morning I was feeding Natalie and Tom came in with Maddie who was wailing cause she kept choking on spit up and it was coming out her nose. Tom was tending to her when he said I think her tongue is swollen and her face and I said well we have to take her to the emergency room then NOW. He took her into the bathroom to examine her and came back and said this is Natalie right? I said no I have Natalie you have Madelyn. He was like oh that explains it then, I thought she was swollen, but Maddie just has larger checks everything is okay. So for about over 10 minutes Tom thought he had the opposite kid...I guess this is what it is going to be like the more they look alike. I think we will be bringing out the nail polish soon! Haha, oh well, at least he figured it out!