Monday, February 04, 2008


I realize my posts have become few and far between lately and I thank my few faithful readers for sticking with me. I have come to realize lately that for me my blog and those of my friends were my saving grace during our whole house building challenges. I don't think I would have gotten through those 9 months without the blog world and for that I am so thankful. I have also realized that now that we are settled, my blog and that world has fallen to the wayside for me...not sure whether this is a good or a bad thing. Maybe just honesty shinning through. Before I didn't think I could survive without all the blogging, but now I know I couldn't survive without my girls. As they grow and change and challenge me everyday I am now more and more thankful for them and all the smiles and laughter they bring me. So don't worry I am not going away for good, but I am going to be focusing more of my energy and creativity on the girls, but I will continue to post enlightening comments and updates here, but probably not every day :-)