Monday, September 08, 2008

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Today I found out that for about a year we have been using our car seats incorrectly. How can that be one might say? Well, who would have thought that two college educated individuals would not fully read they manual and realize that if you use your LATCH system you have to use all THREE tethers and latches. I had always known there was another tether on the back of the car seat, but I did not realize that the LATCH is supposed to form a triangle and that the three are actually supposed to be used together. Yes, that elusive third tether is supposed to be latched to a third latch that can either be located on the ceiling, floor, or in my case the back of the seat that the girl's car seat is on. Soooo, if you are a parent and your child's seat uses the LATCH system, make sure you are using all three tethers!