Friday, September 12, 2008

Same day and everything?

Over the last two years we have gotten a lot of, "Are they twins?" Which at times we answer calmly, "yes." Well, we always answer calmly, but then we go off into little tiraids when we are alone. I mean seriously, how many children look exactly alike, are the same height and weight, etc? Well, this week and last week have been no exception, only Wednesday was a cake topper. The girls and I are taking a "mommy and me" ballet class in Southport. It is really cute and Maddie at least loves it. Well, last week the teacher asked if they were sisters. I answered yes. Then this week when she came in, she checked us off and said, "they are sister's right?" Yes, I answered. Then she asked, "are they twins?" Once again I respond yes. She then looks at them and was like, "oh yeah I guess if I had looked hard enough I would have noticed they are the same size." Yup, I wanted to say, but I just smiled. Later we were at Kohls and this guy walked by and says, "are they twins?" Yes, I answer. He then, get ready for this one...asks, "Same day and everything?" Seriously? I just said yup and kept walking. I mean, yes I realize that they could have been born on different days, but seriously, the odds of that happening are extremely slim and I just could not believe that...Same day and everything? Come on, what is this world coming to? I hope to instill in my children some common sense and the ability to mind their own business when they grow up and first and foremost, to think before they ask questions!