Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Babies

To my little angels,
Today you turned two and I cannot believe how fast the last two years have gone by. It seems like yesterday you were born and oh how tiny you were and so sweet and innocent and unknowing. Now you can talk and boy do you ever. There seems to be a constant conversation or song going on in our house now and it is the cutest thing in the world. You can say each other's names and you are almost always loving and polite with each other. Natalie you call Maddie by her name and Maddie calls you Nat. A lot of us do, but it is the cutest Nat ever. You already love to help mommy cook and you like being my little helper, getting your shoes or your jacket and helping each other out. Natalie, you always like to wear your jacket. It is the first thing you ask for when you wake up and you never want to take it off, even for your naps. Luckily for your birthday you got a lot of new sweatshirts that we can let you wear as jackets! Maddie, your one true love is still your blue monkey. He does everything with us, including ballet. Today we got Monkey a shirt and you were so proud of that shirt, you couldn't wait to get home and show Daddy. You kissed him and hugged that little monkey and it is too sweet. I never would have imagined all of the fun you would be at this age or your capabilities. You two are so amazing and you bring so much joy to our lives. I cannot imagine life without you and I am so glad we have you to hug and kiss us. You are the sweetest little girls ever. Happy Birthday Babies, I Love You, Mama