Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still Here

So I realize it has been like a month since I last posted. I'm still here, crazy busy, but here none the less. A few weeks ago, I had a migraine for about three days, then Maddie got sick and of course had an ear infection. We then headed to Wisconsin for my grandma's 80th Birthday. Where of course Natalie got an ear infection...yes minute clinic time it was! Then back here and a week of trying to get the girls back on schedule, when my mom and grandparents came to visit, then the girl's second birthday party...can you believe they will be two on Thursday? Then this week we have been trying to get back into the saddle and back into our routine. I have also realized that I blog a lot more during the winter when the weather is not good and I am looking for more ways of entertainment. So maybe the blogging will increase, who knows though. Those little girls of mine are keeping me VERY busy and it is more fun that I ever could have imagined. They are talking up a storm, I never could have imagined they would be talking as much as they are, but they mimic everything and are putting together sentences and all sorts of crazy things. So that is what is going on here, busy, busy, busy. More later gators.