Sunday, April 12, 2009

Reality Check

This weekend I truly had a reality check. I have never really enjoyed clothes shopping and it is especially bad when I am overweight or obese as my Wii keeps telling me. So this weekend when my sister, cousin and I went shopping I was pretty excited until I started trying things on and nothing was fitting right and everything was to small and ugh I looked awful. I know that I have really been in denial about how big I have truly gotten over the last year, but this weekend I had to face it, there can be no more hiding. No more living in sweatpants or wearing baggy sweatshirts. I can exercise until I am blue in the face but if I don't cut out the calories and crack down the bad things I eat then what good is it all and why bother?! So today I had my last junk food for awhile. I know moderation will be key and I am not going to cut everything out, but I am going to cleanse for a little while and try to get into the habit of eating healthy. then I will gradually add in little treats, but in small quantities. I also purchased a new bathroom scale as well as a food scale. I hate when I read something and it says 4 ounces of meat or veggies, what the heck you have to have a scale in order to know for sure, so there you go. I won't be dieting, just changing my eating habits and of course until the Mini is over in a few weeks I will still be having pasta and carbs, but just enough to keep me motoring and going. No crashing, but no over indulging. So with all of you as my witnesses, here goes another journey, but hopefully this time it won't just be ANOTHER diet, but instead will be a life change that allows me to lose the weight and learn how to eat healthy so I can be happier and healthier.