Friday, April 03, 2009

Is the scale broken?

As you know I have been actively working out, training for the Indy Half Marathon and trying to eat healthy. One would think that the reward would be a svelte body and weight loss. WRONG! For some reason the scale has not budged. It has been months of this and I have lost maybe 5 pounds total. A very distressing thing to see the scale go down a few then back up. I don't know if I should throw it out and get a new one, stop weighing myself or re-evaluate what I am doing...maybe all three options are in order. I do know it is a frustrating process and a depressing one at that. I am still hovering at my heaviest weight ever, not including being pregnant, but the number I see scares me and makes me sad. I am also sick of looking in my closet and having nothing to wear because I am "to fat" to fit into anything nice. My wardrobe these days consists mostly of sweats and sweatshirts, not very attractive I admit, but comfortable and not depressing since I know the waist band on my sweats will never be tight!
Alas, what to do, I am not sure, but deep down inside I sure hope that scale is broken, the battery is dying or it needs some recalibration because I don't know how one can work so hard and have zero results!