Saturday, May 07, 2011

Wow, Four Months Already

The last month has been crazy and most of it was spent travelling. We went to Florida in the beginning of April and then a mere week after returning from there we went to Ohio for Easter. Tanner is an excellent traveler and follows well in his sister's footsteps, which is a good thing since we travel several times a year. I always get a lot of looks when I travel alone with all three kids, some are looks of pity, others are awe. Travelling with children is really an art, and luckily I have this art down to a T. I am also lucky that all three of my kids are good travelers!

In other news Tanner is four months old already and a big four months at that! He is officially 17 pounds 13 ounces. Just 3 ounces shy of 18. He is 26 inches and is in the 90% for both height and weight and is wearing 12 month clothes already, but at least he is one happy and healthy boy! This month he has started to talk a lot, he coos and yells and laughs. He is very ticklish and his giggles, when we are dressing him are too cute. He is close to rolling from his back to stomach, but hates being on his stomach, so tummy time is a challenge and he hasn't shown many signs of going from his belly to his back. He has found his thumb, but still prefers his pacifier for sleeping, much to my dismay because sometimes he needs it in the middle of the night and finding it in the crib can be a challenge. We are still working on the sleeping "through" the night, and some days are better than others, but we are getting there to say the least.

The girls are still in love with their brother and it is really fun to watch the three of them "playing" together. They like to show Tanner his toys and now that he is able to sit in his exersaucer they like to show him the toys and laugh with him and it is nice to see their relationships growing. We also seem to have finally found a balance and more of a routine. The first few months were a little hard and I had immense guilt over not being able to help the girls with certain things and bed time was a challenge, but we seem to have found the balance we need and I am looking forward to the next several months and what they have in store for us as he starts to move and hit other developmental milestones. I am not wishing this time away though and even when I don't sleep I try to cherish every moment I have since he is our last and he is so fun and lovable!