Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a small break please

Things have been a tad hectic here lately, thus the delays in any posts. Last week Maddie had her tonsils and adenoids removed, new tubes put in her ears and her nasal turbinates shaved down. The goal here was to help her breath better and hopefully help with her snoring and sleep. She has always been a restless sleeper and always seemed tired. We are hoping this surgery will be the fix we have been looking for. The surgery in itself was easy and over within an hour. The recovery has been more than I ever anticipated. I knew she would be in pain, I knew it would be hard to watch and I knew it would take at least two weeks for her to heal. What I did not know, was the extreme pain she would be in. That she wouldn't have much of an ability to eat anything, (lately she has started to eat pretzels and will only drink water and chocolate milk from McDonalds...at least she is eating) I didn't realize how much weight she would lose. She initially lost 4-5 pounds, but has put 3 of those pounds back on  now that she is eating, hopefully the other two will come back quickly since she only weighed 33 pounds to begin with and we have fought hard to get her to that weight. I also did not know that her nose could get clogged with some of the thickest, hardest, grossest snot I have ever seen. We had to go to the doctor twice to have it manually removed. The first time some long tweezers were used to extract it, the second time I had to sit and hold her head while she screamed that she wanted it over and wanted to go home and the doctor literally used a small vacuum to suck the stuff out. The things that have come out of her nose are beyond gross and I had no idea things like this could come out of a person. We also had to make a trip to the ER because she couldn't keep anything down and we thought she was on the verge of being dehydrated. Luckily the were able to give her some Zofran and they changed her pain medication and she has been better since. We are currently on day nine after the surgery and she is finally starting to come around. Is trying to eat more foods and is up and playing more and her nose is clear!
Natalie trying out Maddie's Glasses

Natalie on the other hand has an ear infection and pink eye...good times let me tell you! So for now, I am hoping that Maddie continues to heal and Nat gets better fast and that the rest of us don't get the stinky pink eye.