Thursday, January 12, 2006

One Stop Shop?

Last night Tom and I went to Menards to grab an end piece for a shelf we need to install. Well, little did we know, but we were about to be faced with a sad, but hilarious situation. Upon walking into mendards, we see the typical, lights, fans and piping. We keep walking only to see carseats for sale,yes car seats, we think this is a little odd, but whatever. Then we spot household cleaners, candles, greeting cards, cat litter and even golf balls. At this point I am laughing almost uncontrollably, wondering why in the world is a place like Menards selling all of this stuff, when I thought it was a do it your self center. Apparently those big burly construction workers need to be able to purchase golf balls and an anniversary card for their wives when picking up wood and nails. Haha I can't even imagine my father-in-law going in there and walking out with some dog food and some fiddle faddle, but I guess whatever sells, sells.