Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thoughts of The Good Ole West

About 5 times a week now I look at Tom and tell him we have to move out of the state of Indiana and that the time has come for us to get serious about where we want to live. I keep suggsting places like Seattle, to expensive, Portland Oregon, neither of us have been there, but it looks gorgeous, Phoenix Arizona, might be to hot in the summer, Colorado my true love, New Mexico, or any place out West. Oh, to wake up each morning and look at the mountains, or to be able to go hiking on the weekends. I know Tom will be in heaven when we finally make the move, where he can go mountain biking, and hiking and camping whenever he wants and I absolutely can't wait. It sure will be an adventure, leaving our friends and family, but for me it will be like going home. Ever since my parents moved me from Colorado to Ohio when I was 14, some 12 years ago, I have longed to move back. I don't know what it is about that state or the West in general, but it just calls to me almost begging me to come back. I do have fears and anxiety about moving, but it is all a journey, life is a journey that you can either sit back and relax or you can worry about it, so once that truck is all packed up there will be excitement, and fear, but I will be going home. I can't wait to take my kids hiking on Pike's Peak, or whatever mountain there is or watch them play soccer with the mountains behind them. It will be a wish come true and I can't wait for that day!