Friday, December 28, 2007

My Christmas Miracle

Last Sunday my family and I went to tour an old house in Akron, The Stan Hywet Hall. It was all decorated in Babes in Toyland and even the girl's enjoyed it. Later that night we were in the car headed to a movie when I went to check on my diamond necklace, mind you I NEVER wear this necklace, but thought that I would for the holiday. Well, when I went to reach for it, it was gone. At first Tom thought I was joking until I showed him my neck, at which point he realized I wasn't joking. I ran in the house to tell my mom and we started looking, but nothing. We then called Stan Hywet but they were to busy to look for it. We went to the movie and all I could think about was the necklace and what if it was really gone. Tom had given it to me last year for Christmas and I couldn't imagine if it was gone. The next day we tore the house apart and my car and my mom's but no luck. I couldn't give up hope, but the chances of it being found were dwindling. Stan Hywet was closed until Dec. 26, but promptly at 10:00 I called to see if they had found it. No one had turned it in, but the lady said they would look for it. Within 5 minutes they called me back, and low and behold they had found it! I could not believe it, they actually had it, chain and all. The chain was broken, but they had the diamond. That afternoon I went to get it and I just wanted to scream, I was so happy. No one could actually believe that they had found it and that I had it back, especially since so many people had toured the house after we left, but I have it and I couldn't be happier. So there you go, again! Christmas Miracles do happen.