Saturday, December 15, 2007

Three Strikes and I'm out

Tonight I was about as clumsy as a person can be and I wanted to lock myself in my room. First, I dropped our huge wood cutting board on the brand new hardwoods in the kitchen. Oh yes I took a huge chunk out of one of the boards...a nice new ding for ya. I guess I was glad I did it and not an installer or one of the girls or even Tom, because the only person I can be mad at is myself. Then I was trying to throw the tv remote onto the couch and instead completely hit Tom square in the face. At that point I almost went upstairs. Then I was trying to give Maddie some tylenol and wouldn't you know it a huge drop went straight into her eye. My family for ever has called me Grace, but that side isn't always present. Tonight it was present in full form and I was so mad at myself, especially for damaging the new floor. Luckily Tom was very kind about it and didn't yell or anything. So chalk one up for Grace, I hope she is gone in the morning!