Saturday, December 29, 2007

Will my luck run out?

Today I had to take my computer to the Apple store again to be fixed because it wasn't recognizing the battery and in turn wouldn't charge. Luck has it, it was the last day of my warranty. I know, I about died when I found out that it expires tomorrow. We had an appointment on Thursday, but we were to tired to drive to Keystone after driving back from Ohio. After the guy replaced the battery he asked if I wanted to purchase the extended warranty. I asked if the battery died again if it would be replaced since it had already happened and he said no, since the computer would be out of warranty. He even said that even though this battery issue is a known issue in MacBooks that if I had brought it in tomorrow it wouldn't have been covered. After thinking about it, and knowing that I have already taken the laptop there twice in a year we went ahead and threw down the $200.00 for the 2 year extended warranty. We figure that it will either guarantee that it won't break for two years and if it does then we are covered. It was an expense we didn't want to have right now with all the house things we would like to buy, but I am hoping to some day soon figure out a way to use this laptop to make some extra income. So know I sit here and wonder if my luck will run out since I found my necklace and was able to get my computer fixed on the last day of its warranty!