Friday, March 07, 2008

Playing Catch up

So I once again have been MIA. It seems like time just flies by and then I realize I haven't posted anything in a while. The girls are really keeping me busy, which is a good thing and we are having a lot more fun. They are saying more words each day and we are probably up to 20+. The newest words are Thank You, Ducky, Doggy and Uh Oh. They prefer to use longer words instead of short, it is always "Kitty Cat" instead of cat, Doggy, instead of Dog, etc. It is really cute and I love when they bring me something and say "Mama" it melts my heart. They are taking to eating on their own with utensils, a messy, messy endeavor, but cute at the same time, especially when they lift up their bowls full of yogurt and try to lick them :-) Other than that I was able to spend a wonderful long lunch out last Sunday with my friend Sheri. We went to one of her favorite places Tea's Me and it was really good, and this is coming from a coffee lover! We talked for over 3 hours and it was funny because I couldn't believe how fast time flew by. I was gone so long that Tom was actually worried and kept calling my phone because he couldn't believe I still was at lunch. It was really nice to catch up and to talk about running and I am excited to be running the mini with her in May. So for now that is really all there is to report. Maybe spring will be here soon and I will have some fun outdoor stories to share.