Friday, March 28, 2008

What a week

Well, this has been a week for sure. Maddie as mentioned before went to the dr. on Tuesday for an ear infection. Yesterday I got to take little Natalie, who also has a double ear infection. Thankfully we are still 2-3 ear infection away from having to see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. When I went to pick up the prescription at Target for Natalie, they were like do you have any questions and do you know how to use our new syringes? I just laughed and said, yes this is the third time this week we have been here and I have the same meds for the other one. I understand she was being polite, but I wish we could get a direct line from our house the pharmacy at the rate we have been going. Oh well, hopefully the warm weather will help us all heal and we can move on. Speaking of weather, all of us are anxiously awaiting better days. The girls love being outside and even when it is chilly or drizzling, like yesterday, Natalie never wants to go in and will say no and shake her head and then proceed into a tantrum when you try to get her to go in. I can't wait to fence in the yard and put up a swing set for them so can play in the yard instead of walking up and down the sidewalk!
Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully next week I will have some inspiring words or great advice to write about!