Sunday, March 30, 2008

Warning to all Moms who wear makeup

As promised I am back with something actually important to say. I was reading an article/letter in a new magazine, Green Guide I found at borders. One section was called Just Ask! and a mother had written in about her worries for her three year old twins having lead in their play makeup. Well the answer was that if you are going to let your child play with make up you should let them use yours, but that it should be made with plant-based dyes and petroleum-free. Why you might be asking, because there is actually lead, yes dangerous levels of lead in makeup. As much as 47% lead has been found in some products. I was very shocked to hear this, especially with all of the lead concerns and children. The article made a very valid point, that a child could actually eat makeup, such as a tube of lipstick and become very ill. So, if you do not want to buy the recommended make-up you should treat it like any other poison or medicine and make sure that your child cannot get their little hands on it, this is something I am going to take to heart and make sure the girls do not have access to my stuff for sure!