Sunday, May 04, 2008

There are people made to run, then there is me

The Mini is over, my months of training have come to an end and I honestly do not know what to think. I am a little disappointed with myself. I was about 8 minutes off of my goal time...after you take off the 5 minutes I wasted using the restroom. (This was a first for me and I was very angry that I had to stop) A note for the future and to any other runners out there. I racked my brain trying to figure out what I could have eaten to upset my stomach and there wasn't anything out of the ordinary until I looked in the pantry yesterday afternoon and noticed the reduced fat Oreos. At this point it hit me...I had eaten a few more than I should have the day before while making a dessert that required them. I then hobbled out to the garage and told Tom I had figured it out and that the Oreos had ruined the race for me. A lesson learned I reckon...and it WILL NOT happen in the future. Do I see more races in my future...I think so. I am pretty sore today, my knees and my toe nails are all bruised, I guess my shoes weren't big enough even though they are a full size larger than I normally wear...I guess I still need to go up. So I think in a week or two when I am healed I will really start thinking about more longer distance races.
So that is my story and now for my thanks. Thank you to my girls for putting up with my training. They went on many a run in the jogging stroller, most 3-4 miles and didn't fuss to much or they played in their pen while I ran on the treadmill. Thank you to Sheri who pushed me more than I would have pushed myself and for doubling back after you finished yesterday and for finishing AGAIN with me. That really says a lot about your character, you as a person, friend and a competitor. I am so glad you have been my running partner and I am glad you say you will still run with me! So Thank you! Finally, thank you to Tom, who helped me watch the girls so I could run on the weekends and at night and for always supporting me. I love you and couldn't have done it or much else without your support.
I will be posting a few more posts about running gear and some things I really found helpful, so if you care look for those later this week! Finally, I hope the rest of you who did the mini had a great race as well and that you enjoyed yourself and are not too sore today! Congrats!