Sunday, July 27, 2008

Life Can Be Sad

Last night I experienced a sad moment. There wasn't anything that directly affected me that was sad, but none the less it impacted me none the less. See my grandma was on the phone and you could tell it was one of those conversations that wasn't going well. Later we were all outside and someone asked if she was crying. Indeed she was and none of us really knew what to do, including my aunt, her daughter. We all sat there for a while and let her compose herself and then finally I journed up to the porch to see what was wrong. Both she and my grandfather were sitting there very sullen. It turns out that one of their long time friends had suddenly passed away of either a stroke or a heart attack. She said the news was very shocking because out of most of their friends the one that passed seemed to have been the healthiest. To me it was one of those moments where you are just kind of like, okay what do I do now. This is one of the rocks in my life and her she is down and needing me, but how do you comfort one of those people you are so used to looking up to and going to in your own times of need. It was some what distressing, but at the same time it was an eye opening event, because once we were all together on the porch my grandma started talking about life and she was like, "see you never know what is going to happen in an hour or tomorrow so that is why I am living this moment to its fullest, here with my family." It was just another one of those times, where you have to remember how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken and to always be grateful for what you have and the people who are in your life, no matter how long or short they are with you, because you do really never know when it might end. So to all of you, I am grateful that you are in my life and I hope we have years of memories ahead of us!