Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bite, Bite, Bite

It seems like not only have we entered the terrible two's, times two, but Maddie has entered a biting phase. Let me tell you, I will take the terrible two's over this biting thing, because it is painful. Yesterday, we were out for our usual walk and all of a sudden Natalie was screaming. I looked at her arm and she had a very fresh and deep bite mark laid into her arm. I couldn't believe it. They had not been fighting or anything, actually there hadn't been any noise at all until she started screaming. I was none to pleased. Then last night I was laying on my bed and Maddie was trying to climb up and I guess I wasn't helping her fast enough because she bite my leg. Into time out she went, laughing the whole way there! Once her time out was over I was having her say she was sorry and she bite me AGAIN. AHHHHHH, back into time out she goes, once again laughing. Thankfully it stopped there, but I could not believe this. She has bitten me a few times before, but it has gotten serious now. I guess I will have to enforce that it is not allowed at all and hope that this phase passes quickly, because it is a pretty painful phase and I am sure even more painful for the little sister!