Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The benefits

I have decided that while exercising in a group or with other people can be possibly one of the most embarrassing and humbling experiences ever it is the best thing for me. I have discovered that when I am held more accountable and I have encouragement from others I push myself harder, I am more apt to actually begin the workout process and I actually have fun. I was introduced to the Stroller conditioning class, which should be named Stroller boot camp, by Jeanelle. The first time I participated I was pretty sure I would not be going back, it was ridiculously hard and I felt so out of shape. But I have been going back and now I LOVE it. It is great to be able to work out with the girls and other moms who are in the same place that I am. Most of the mothers have children right around the girls age and it is just a great bonding thing. The instructor is fabulous. She is hilarious and is such a motivation. Now this class is not just walk and push your stroller and chat. Oh no, it is sprinting and lunges, squats, push-up, tricep dips and much more. It truly is a boot camp, but with a free babysitter because the instructor entertains the kids while have our booties whipped into shape. Jeanelle and I have also been attending a Pilate's class, which I love as well. The instructor has to be in her 60's and she is in the best shape. The class is 60 minutes, which is in itself a challenge sometimes and my legs feel like jelly when I am done, but I know that I am getting toned and more flexible. I like this class because there is no jarring on my body parts and while it is a strenuous workout for me, it is also at the same time relaxing as well. I like these two classes because I have people to talk too. I am making friends, but most of all I feel like I really need to work and not slack because there are other people there who will encourage me and keep me going. So if you are lacking motivation go and start a group class somewhere and you will find that the benefits far out way the temporary embarrassment that you may feel in the beginning.