Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What's that puddle?

This afternoon has been a little rough. Maddie feel off the couch and bite her lip, it of course started bleeding and getting plump so I gave both the girls some ice to suck on. Well, a while later I went into the kitchen to start dinner and there was a puddle on the floor by the fridge. Natalie was standing there and I asked Tom how the floor had gotten all wet, while Natalie proceeded to slip and fall. Tom told me it was probably from the ice. Once Natalie was back on her feet she kept looking down and saying "oh no." At this point I realized it was not water, but that her swim diaper was leaking and it was dripping all of the floor, Natalie and now me. Ugh I said and started to take it off of her, at which point a huge puddle of pee came flying out, all over my hand and the rest of the floor. At least she didn't run, but it was pretty gross to know that she had gone slipping and sliding in a puddle of urine and not plain old ice water....gross, I am ready for the potty training to take effect.