Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Mania

I feel like lately everyone around me is pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. I have at least 4 friends who are already currently pregnant, and a few others who are thinking or getting ready to try. It is crazy....I know we are in that time of our lives for sure, but it makes me jealous a little. I am still not sure if we will ever have any more kids and if we don't it will be the best decision for our family and especially our little lovely girls. However, part of me finds myself living vicariously through my friends who are pregnant now and will get to hold their little joys in the near future. I am, however, VERY lucky that both my girls are still snuggle bugs and they love hugging me and telling me they love me and I can honestly say that, it is the highlight of my day and life, when one of those little voices says, "I love you mommmy." It is way to cute and makes me melt. So, to all of my lovely friends with little buns in the oven CONGRATULATIONS and I look forward to meeting all of your little bundles in the near future.