Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For Fun or Competition

This year I am registered for my 5th Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon, even though each year after I complete it, I say I will never do another one again. But, here I am, a little over 3 months away, and I find myself debating whether I want to run this year, or run/walk. I get very competitive, mostly with myself and I find it difficult to allow myself to walk, even though just finishing is an accomplishment and I have already run it, 4 times previously. Last year I had the time of 2:15 in mind that I wanted to accomplish, but I finished in 2:28, after discovering I had eaten and not even noticed I was eating about half a package of reduced fat Oreos. Needless to say, I was not in top form race day and did not complete my goal time. This year I signed up with my good running friend Sheri and my movie and book club friend Lindsay. I now find myself debating whether I want to run or walk. I think I would have more fun if I walked, but I don't want to regret not running and beating my time from last year. I go back and forth each day and have talked to both Lindsay and Sheri about what they want to do and Sheri wants to run and Lindsay is fine with walking. Of course this doesn't make my decision any easier. I know most of you are probably thinking this is a petty thing to be hung up on, but to me it is a big deal and one I think of often. I currently am leaning toward running about 3 miles, walking 1 mile and repeating. I think if I break it into smaller pieces it won't seem as daunting and I won't poop out, or hurt myself like I normally do. Did I mention that I usually take a 3-5 month exercise hiatas after the mini as well because I bang myself up so badly...another reason to walk right! :-)