Tuesday, September 14, 2010

22 Weeks, Then and Now

Everyone always says that each pregnancy is different and if you take a look at these pictures you sure would think so wouldn't you.

22 Weeks Pregnant with the girls.

Almost 22 weeks pregnant with peanut #3

I was definitely larger with the girls at this point, but just wait for some future comparisons, because I am sure there will be a much bigger difference down the road. As for this pregnancy being different, other than the fact that I weigh about 20 pounds less at this point and I am smaller than last time, by this time with the girls I was already measuring 32 weeks (10 weeks further along than I really was), not much else has been different. I have had the same symptoms and similar/not many cravings at all. So far this pregnancy has been easier, probably due to the weight and my size and I am thankful for that. I am also seeing a chiropractor this time, which I think, whether it is psychological or whatever, has made a ton of difference. Before I started seeing the chiropractor my back was hurting and I wasn't even 12 weeks yet, but now there is very little pain and overall I physically just feel better. We are officially 21.5 weeks now and since I will have a scheduled c-section that only leaves 17.5 more weeks to go. I am hoping with the fall activities, the girls birthday and the holidays that these weeks will fly by, the weight will stay down and I will continue to feel as well I as I do. So look for more comparisons in the next weeks and don't cringe, because my belly was very large at the end with the girls!