Friday, September 24, 2010

23 Weeks

Tomorrow marks my 23 week mark in gestation, but wouldn't you know it I am measuring at 27 weeks. Nothing unusual for me since I was huge with the girls, but I still thought I wouldn't be that big this time around. My doctor said that because the girls were "big" for twins that this one might be bigs as well and that I am pretty stretched out. I am feeling the usual aches and pains at the stage. I have had some pressure in the pelvic area, but my doctor said there is nothing to worry about unless there are sharp pains that don't go away. There is always the chance that my first c-section scar could tear, but I am crossing my fingers that doesn't happen, because it wouldn't be good. My doctor is still holding out hope that I will go until 39, but my goal is to make it to 37. I will be getting steroid shots at my next appointment as a precaution to help peanut #3's lungs mature and develop faster just in case I can't hold out. So far there are no indications that I won't be able to, all is going well and my weight gain is pretty steady and I am in the middle of the recommended weight gain for this stage, also a good thing! Other than that my appointment was pretty uneventful and as far as pregnancy goes that is a good thing!