Monday, October 11, 2010

25 weeks and I waddle

Yup, you read that right I have reached my 25 weeks, only 14 more to go and I am already waddling. I was out shopping yesterday and I caught myself doing it...waddle, waddle, waddle. I couldn't believe it and try as I might to stop it is like my body has a mind of its own and that is just how it is choosing to walk these days. Today I feel like an old lady. Everything aches, I have heartburn and I was finding every day simple tasks, like walking up the stairs to be tiring. I know I still have a long way to over 3 months and I will make it, maybe I need more sleep. Not sure what is up, but I will push on. No other real updates as of today, I don't have another appointment for two more weeks so no growth stats or weight statistics. Just this lovely picture showing how increasingly large I am getting in the front and the back and my new waddle. Good Times :-)