Saturday, October 23, 2010

27 weeks then and now

27 weeks then...2006.
27 Weeks Now

Today marks 27 weeks for me and the beginning of my third and final trimester. I couldn't be more thrilled be be 2/3 of the way done. I am not sure what it is, whether it is because I am short, or because I carried twins or what, but my body and pregnancy just don't agree. I get tired easily and I have been pretty sore and stretched out. But alas we are almost there and this little one just needs to keep cooking. My doctor thinks we may be looking at a big baby, but we will have a better idea of that at my ultrasound in a month. For now, she has moved our "goal" to 38 weeks. I told her I was fine with 37 and that mentally that is what I am trying to achieve. She said she may be okay with that, but would like to go for 38, but that if things are really stretched she would do an amnio at 37 and if the lungs are mature than deliver. Today I was measuring 31 weeks, so still 4 weeks ahead, but other wise healthy.  I had my glucose test as well, that is one nasty drink to say the least, but I passed without any problems. Which is great, because if I had had to give up sweets and sugar this time of year, I would have been miserable. I did find out that I have anemia, which may explain my excessive tiredness, my occasional dizziness and some of the other things that I have been suffering from. Hopefully a nice iron supplement will help clear up some of that and the anemia can be controlled. Monday, and Tuesday I will get my steroid shots as a precaution to help the lungs mature in case I go into early labor that can't be stopped. A benefit the doctor and I both think is well worth the small amount of pain and soreness that I am going to experience. I had steroids with the girls at 32 weeks when I went into preterm labor and I recall the shots being pretty painful, but I was also on a lot of other drugs attempting to get the labor to stop, so we shall see how painful it really is unmedicated. All I know is that the shots go into the hips and my hips already ache at night, but you gotta do, what you gotta do to help the little one arrive safely! So, as you can see, I am big, but still not as big as I was with the girls and all is still growing and stretching well!