Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Fourth Birthday Beautiful Babies

Natalie and Maddie 2 months.

Natalie and Maddie 4 years.

To my beautiful baby girls,
Today, you turn four years old. I am not sure where time has gone or how it is possible for you to be four years old already, but here we are. Four short years full of laughter, crying, temper tantrums, hugs, laughing and most importantly fun. You two are two of the funnest and funniest kids I know. You may be identical twins in DNA, but you have such different personalities and you are definitely individuals, yet you are both so carrying and gentle. Maddie you are our little sports girl. You love playing soccer and swimming without your life jacket and of course your gymnastics. Natalie, you are our artist. You spend time drawing pictures and you prefer ballet over aggressive sports like soccer.  You take care of each other and are for the most part so sweet and loving. You have gotten very self reliant    and you can do so much for yourself and by yourself. Your imaginations are amazing and the way you two play together is unbelievable. You started school this year and you go two days a week. One day a week you go to the new school at the Children's museum. You love this school and you have learned so much already. The opportunities you are getting at the museum are amazing and you get to see a new exhibit each week and you do crafts and they are teaching you how to do design on the computer. Some of the pictures you have brought home are pretty amazing for a four year old! You spend your other day of school at a nice church school near our house. You enjoy this school as well, but in a different way. This school is more structured, but the things you are learning are amazing. Maddie, you love dinosaurs and my favorite thing is when you ask me what kind of dinosaur something is and I answer and you usually say, "no mom, it is a..." correcting me and telling me what the correct dinosaur is.  Natalie you like to create, whether it is drawing or singing or building things out of books or blocks or whatever you are both creative. Smart, beautiful and amazing. We are beyond blessed to have two sweet little angels to bring such joy to our lives on a daily basis and I can't wait for the two of you to become big sisters in a few months. I know your life will change when little peanut joins us, but already you are so great  with it. You enjoying laying on my belly and hugging it and kissing it. You like to make the baby kick and you tell it you love it. I can't wait for  you to have another sibling so you can teach it all of the things you have learned and look out for it like you look out for each other. My beautiful babies I am so pleased and blessed to have you in my life and I can't wait to see what the next year brings. I love you so much and I hope you have such a wonderful birthday. Happy Fourth Birthday Baby girls, I love you, Mommy