Thursday, September 07, 2006

Measuring 36 weeks...Dr. wants me to hold out 6 More!

Well, once again I have not posted in ages and I have no excuses. I am no longer working it just got to hard and painful and I am so tired all the time I just want to sleep. Our girls are growing like crazy. Last week I was measuring 34 weeks... I will offically be 30 weeks tomorrow and yesterday I was measuring 36 weeks. It is really very crazy, they must be getting big in there. At our last ultrasound both babies weighed over 3 pounds which is great, so we are hoping by the next one at the end of the month they will be at least 4 pounds each if not more. It is crazy to think I have that much baby inside of me already and the doctor wants me to keep them in there for 6 more weeks. I told her I would do my best and I really have a say in the matter.
Other than that I finally got to take my car in to be fixed yesterday...yes it has been almost 3 months since the accident, but they couldn't get me in any will be nice to have the door right and not hear air all of the time when driving. So for the next couple of weeks I am sporting a nice mini van....a possible glimpse into our future? Oh well that is all for now....but I will try to do more updates and write more until the big day and then we will try to keep everyone updated after the arrival!