Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Murphy's Law

Well, it seems like when it rains it poors or something like that. Tom and I have decided that it is time for us to put our house on the market. We don't have enough space here and we need a basement for that nice tornado season. So we have been doing small projects and getting the house ready and of course wouldn't you know we have had things start to break on us! First it was the heater...one day we woke up and it was literally 59 degrees in our house...way to cold for the little ones, so we had to have a repair man out, only to find out that we needed to change our filter...go figure, but now we know that we have to change it a lot more frequently than we had thought. Then yesterday I went to do a load of laundry and the washing machine wouldn't start. I thought okay, either the pipes are frozen or the washer has finally died. Well, wouldn't you know it the pipes were frozen. So Tom had to run home during lunch in order to help unfreeze the silly pipes. I guess it is just way to cold out there for those pipes on the outside wall. So luckily we haven't had to shell out any money, but we hope we can get out of here before something major breaks! So keep your fingers crossed and if you know anyone looking for a three bedroom ranch in Brownsburg, let us know!