Tuesday, March 06, 2007

When your car is smarter than you

Technology today really is an amazing thing. I mean take the DVR that can record your shows for you and allows you to pause, and rewind live tv and other such wonderful things like the internet. Well, now even my car seems smarter than I am. The other day we loaded into the van to go look at houses and there was a weird light on, on the dashboard, I of course started freaking out and Tom said not to worry and looked in the manual. Well, it turns out I had a very low, not flat, but extremely low tire. It only had 25 in it when it need 35. I couldn't believe that my car could tell me to air it up, but it did. It also can tell me what percentage of oil I have left, which is very nice because I am very bad at getting my oil changed on time! So there you have it, one day we might not have to drive, we will just get in our cars tell it where we want to go and sit back and relax, now wouldn't that be nice!