Friday, March 02, 2007

Lessons in Buying and Selling Houses

This week has been a week of real estate lessons. I have learned that it is VERY stressful trying to sell your home, especially when you add on top of that twins and a cat who doesn't like strangers and has to be packed up and taken with you when there are showings. I have learned NEVER to leave the house with it in any other form than tip top shape, because you never know when someone will want to see your house...I found this out the hard way. I took the girls out for a few hours to look at houses with our realtor and while I was driving home I got a call that someone wanted to see our house at was 2:00. So I had 1.5 hours to get home, feed, change the girls and clean the house, I had their toys laying everywhere. Oh, and I had to catch the cat to take her with me...I thought I was going to die, but some how I managed, got the house clean and out the door we went again. The girls were super crabby that night from lack of a proper nap, but we did it. Oh, and yes I found out today that it was an investor who looked at our place and if they made an offer it would be under 100k...why are you even wasting my time I wanted to scream when I found out, but oh well, I digress. The other lessons I learned are, pictures are VERY VERY VERY deceiving and a house that looks great on the websites, can look absolutely horrible in person. I also learned, that our house really isn't that bad and we might have to end up staying here, because the houses that are nicer may just be out of our price range, but we shall see. So to all those out there considering buying and/or selling have patience and remember it is just a house others will come and at some point yours will go!