Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tag I'm It

A few days ago I was "tagged" by Chantelle so I guess I will oblige and tell you seven things about me. I will then pass along this nice tag and make a few others "it" :-)

1. I was born in Fort Collins Colorado, where I lived for fourteen years. I was then uprooted and moved to the great land of Medina Ohio. I lived there for five years at which point I moved to Indiana for college and have lived here since.

2. I have travelled to over 18 countries including: England, France, Switzerland (my favorite), Spain, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Trinidad, Tobago, St. Lucia and I won't name anymore!

3. Maine is one of my favorite states in all of America and I especially love Camden, where both myself and my Aunt Kim were married and Friendship, where I have been going since before birth.

4. Tom and I meet at my first job out of college and we were the "office" romance...tisk, how that worked out. I guess I should also add for those who care or are keeping tabs...he was just supposed to be a rebound from a long time boyfriend whom i had just broken up with, but here we are happily married almost 6 years later!

5. 99% of the time I will delete any sort of forward that is sent to me, even if it is from my Grandmother...I just find that not much useful information can be found continually forwarding messages on, especially chain letters.

6. I never used to believe in Self Tanner, but I simply cannot stand the thought of being pale and I do not want to age myself anymore or risk cancer so I won't go to tanning beds anymore.

7. Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors and I always pre-order his books and read them within a few days of receiving them, I mean what more is there to do since Harry Potter is finished :-)

I now "tag" Tom, Sheri, Kelly , Maya, and Jeanelle. I look forward to reading seven new things about you all and sorry if you have been tagged before!