Friday, April 25, 2008

There's Good Luck And Then There's Our Luck

Tom and I have always wondered if we just breed bad karma, or if we have natural disasters flags on us, because it seems like we cannot have anything nice. We get a new car and within a year we are in an accident. 5 out of about 7 over our cars in our lives have been in accidents, none our fault. We build a new house and it is flooded. We spend around 12-15 hours putting together that swing set for the girls and a huge gust of wind comes along and knocks what we have done over, splintering pieces and breaking other things. It was heart wrenching I tell you. Tom has been spending a few hours each evening working on it and then I put in about 4.5 hours today, mostly while the girls napped, and then with one gust over it goes. We cannot believe it and needless to say we are pissed and saddened. It isn't like it is ours, it is for the girls. Couldn't they have something nice or have we passed our bad luck onto them...I REALLY hope not. Don't get me wrong we have very blessed lives, but we have faced a lot of disappointments to. Anyway, back to the swing set. We purchased it at Toys-R-Us...our first mistake. We should have gone with the one from Lowes, but it was more expensive, so we thought we would get the one we did, which also had more features. I guess you get what you pay for. Our second mistake was trying to put it up ourselves. We should have just shelled out the cash and had someone do it, then it would have been finished and maybe the wind wouldn't have been able to pick it up and toss it like a rag doll. We are now in the process of piecing things back together and trying to jerry rig things so they are sturdy and the girls will have a safe place to play!