Friday, December 17, 2010

We've made it to 35 weeks!

35 weeks with the girls...3 Days before delivery
35 weeks now, not as big, but still pretty large!

We have officially made it to 35 weeks. Part of me wants to say it has taken awhile to get here, but at the same time it feels almost like time has flown. 35 weeks was a critical point for us. I can now deliver at the hospital where my doctor delivers, they do not have a high level NICU, so if I had gone into pre-term labor I would have had to go elsewhere and had a different doctor deliver me. I have also made it to the point I made it with the girls, so I know what a 35 weeker looks like and how to respond emotionally if it is an early delivery. Baby is currently measuring 37 weeks, so it has slowed down a little in growth, or was laying weird. Either way, my doctor thinks that in about two more weeks my body will decide it is done, that would be New Years...not sure how I feel about having a New Years baby, but what can you do, it would be better than having a Christmas Baby. I will now start going every week to my doctor, which also helps alleviate some of the anxiety I have been experiencing lately and it is just reassuring to hear the little heart beat. Baby is still breech, but it isn't a concern since we will be having a c-section anyway. The girls are starting to get excited, I think, and they ask when baby will be coming out. I am sure they will be excited until they realize how much it will cry, but you never know, maybe it won't cry and maybe they will be able to tune it out. Other than that we are just passing the time playing games and building tents and doing lots of crafts. It is hard for me to be up and about a lot, because my back hurts and I worry about falling outside in the snow and ice. The girls have been very patient and understanding and really it has been pretty dang cold out to be outside long anyway, so they get their outside time in when Daddy comes home and I get a chance to just relax. So here we are with really not much to report, which is really okay and hoping that I don't have any other baby posts until December 27, when I have my next appointment. Goal, make it one more week and get through Christmas then I am fine with whatever happens!